RGreenways is the outdoor guide that's miles ahead of traditional trail maps. Navigate the many public greenways available in the greater Raleigh-Durham area with ease! Combining data from multiple towns, RGreenways puts the entire system at your fingertips. Parking, water, and restroom locations can be added to the maps to make your greenway experience even better. We'll see you out on the trails!

We’ll lead you on your way.

RGreenways will help you locate trails near your current location, show parking, get directions, and track your hikes. Keep track of your favorite greenways by adding them to your favorites to always know how far you are from a relaxing walk or intense bike ride.

Have ideas for features for RGreenways? Want to submit a picture of a greenway for the app? Find something wrong in the app? Shoot us an email with feedback and we'll do our best to integrate it into the app. This application was built by loop/recur and Oak City Apps. To learn about how we can build software for you, get in touch!